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Blog posts for February 2020

LEO Center Seepage Leak position testing

We recently noticed the flowrate increase with the LEO center seepage leak position that was higher than the novalynx could handled and had found that -2 and -1 seepage drains from the slop were clogged.  

The following were completed on 2/6/2020 to see how the clogging affected the seepage leak flowrate.

1st test with -2 plugged from 9:50am to 10:33am

2nd test with -1 plugged from 1:35pm to 2:20pm

3130 Load cell temperature

We have started logging the 3130 load cell temperature in order to potentially perform temperature compensation for the thermal drifts.

East - 2/2/2020 ~3:50pm

Center & West - 2/11/2020 ~3:15pm

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