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1 1 LabVIEW is the required software development suite for creating the specialized software applications used by the CompactRIO devices in the LEO. In addition, some applications are developed using Java.
2 2 All software projects are stored in Subversion repositories located on the Biosphere 2 file server ( \ \..\Engineering\SVN\ )
3 3
4 +[[DSC.SharedVariableExportManager]] - (LabVIEW) Multi-threaded application which handles data export to CSV and current state file generation
4 4 [[DSC.Supervisor2014]] - (LabVIEW) Monitors CompactRIOs and generates Current State Files for sensors.
5 5 [[Surface Heat Flux Calculator>>doc:LEO.SHFCalculator]] - (LabVIEW) Computes the heat flux at the soil surface using data from nearby 5TM, HFP-1/SC, and TCAV.
6 6 [[Irrigation Control>>doc:LEO.Irrigation Control]] - (LabVIEW) Controls valves in each bay and allows the creation of scheduled rain events.

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