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Data-logging and Supervisory Control

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The LEO Data-logging and Supervisory Control (DSC, also known as SCADA and C&D) is separated into two systems:

  1. Landscape monitoring and irrigation control - This is currently distributed over 11 National Instruments compact re-configurable input/output (cRIO) real-time computers. ( ) The NI cRIO allows for a variety of I/O modules and is equipped with an onboard Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) allowing for additional signal processing and custom digital communication protocols.
  2. LEO biome environmental monitoring and control - Monitored and controlled by a variety of Allen Bradley PLCs. Details on this to come.

The first part, landscape monitoring and irrigation control, was designed to provide control and data for scientific use. It was designed with two major goals:

  1. To be robust and minimize data loss.
  2. Allow for easy and seamless integration of new sensors and new data acquisition hardware

In order to achieve these goals the system was designed to be very loosely coupled. Each subsystem is required to perform an assigned task with minimal dependence on other subsystems. The database logging system was completely decoupled from the data acquisition devices, requiring data to be provided as appropriately formatted ASCII text files. This allows new acquisition devices to be added with no impact on other acquisition devices and (ideally) only configuration changes to the database loader.

A basic diagram of data acquisition flow is shown below:

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