Please read the Biosphere 2 Data Policy

Data Access

Biosphere 2 rainforest and ocean datasets have limited access to project investigators and authorized collaborators. Please contact to get permission to access the rainforest data and to get permission to access the ocean data. .

Data Use

The user of the Biosphere 2 data agrees not to resell or redistribute shared data. The dataset creators would appreciate hearing of any plans to use the dataset. Consider consultation or collaboration with dataset creators.

Data quality

The user of these data should be aware that these data are provisional and could be change anytime. While efforts have been taken to ensure that these data are of the highest quality, there is no guarantee of perfection for these data and the possible existence of errors.

Proper Acknowledgment

The following acknowledgment should accompany any publication or citation of these datasets: Logistical support and/or data were provided by the University of Arizona Biosphere 2.
The user of the Biosphere 2 data agrees to provide proper acknowledgment with each usage of the data, including citing used dataset in a similar way to citing a journal article (i.e. authors, dataset title, year, Biosphere 2, University of Arizona, and URL).

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